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You have the ability to change

A Utah Treatment Center

Ability to Change is your greatest advocate. We are a Utah treatment center that offers a full set of court-ordered courses and assessments. We operate under a handful of professional memberships, degrees, and the powerful mantra that everyone has the ability to change. Our goal is to help you understand your weaknesses and utilize your strengths to avoid future offenses, fines, and possible jail time.

Debra McKowen

Debra McKowen (SSW. SUDC)

Owner, Program Manager, and Facilitator

Debra founded the Utah treatment center, Ability to Change, in 2012. Having graduated from the University of Utah, she holds degrees in sociology, criminology and corrections, criminal justice, and communications. Among other titles, her experience in the field includes working as a social worker for the Division of Child Family Services and for Aging Services. She has assisted in suicide prevention efforts and substance use disorder counseling at various facilities.

“Contributing positively to the lives of those around me is my passion. I treat each and every client with the utmost respect and understanding, and believe that our mistakes are not what defines us. Allow me to help you find your new path to a better future at Ability to Change.”

Sunny M. Nelson, LCSW

Clinical & Program Director

Ability to Change is excited to welcome Sunny to our family she will be an asset to our clients.  Sunny received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Utah. Prior to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she taught elementary school in Granite School District for several years in grades kindergarten through 3rd grade. She believes in the holistic therapeutic model of treatment which integrates body-mind-spirit interventions. Her specialties are substance abuse, relapse prevention, mental health issues, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, Women’s issues, LGBTQ/Transgender, inner child healing, codependency, family of origin issues, Indigo adults and teens, and teaching psycho-spiritual techniques such as Mindfulness/Meditation/Higher Power Connection. She loves the fields of mental health and substance abuse and is always taking classes to learn new skills and grow in professional knowledge and expertise.

Rosario Mangelson



Rosi has provided years of community service in roles as advocate, working in city, county, State groups and organizations and has received community and national awards. Primary language Spanish, Secondary English providing 15 years professional services, domestic violence, and legal.court assistance. Extensive “concept translation” vs “word-word translations.”

We welcome Rosi to our team teaching Spanish Prime for Life Classes.

Assessments & Court Ordered Classes

Change for the better.


Our Utah treatment center offers drug and alcohol assessments to those who have been court ordered to determine whether or not they display a dependency on drugs and/or alcohol (SASSI). Our assessment services are readily available for $100.00 per assessment.  Assessment services are offered in Spanish.

Prime For Life

Prime for Life is a prevention program intended to enlighten groups and individuals about the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol dependencies. This is a weekend course that is typically offered on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month from
9 am to 5 pm for a total of 16 hours.  The cost is $170.00.  Prime For Life is offered in Spanish.

Anger Management

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion when expressed appropriately. Anger management courses are designed to help individuals identify their triggers and learn how to react when they’re upset in a more positive, constructive way. Learn how to tame your emotions with this $100.00 course.

Thinking Errors

Individuals with errors in their thought processes act without regard to the potential consequence or harm of their decisions. This course is designed to address and rectify repetitive behavior that is often spontaneous, dangerous, and/or destructive.  The cost is $100.00.


Our Utah treatment center understands and places great focus on the fact that compulsive theft is often caused by an underlying issue. This course will help individuals recognize the cause and consequences of their impulsive behavior, as well as how to refrain from continuing the habit in the future.  The cost is $100.00.

Drug & Alcohol Education

Addiction is characterized by a severe dependency on a mood-altering chemical, substance, or behavior. Dealing with drug and alcohol addiction is life-shattering. This course will help you understand the triggers, consequences, and life-long health problems caused by addiction, and learn how to avoid such behavior.  The cost is $100.00.


The objective of this court ordered parenting class is to give parents the techniques and understanding they need to raise happy, obedient, well-adjusted children. Our Utah treatment center teaches individuals how to set clear and realistic limits, discipline appropriately, and redirect negative emotions in a positive manner.  The cost is $100.00.

Relapse Prevention

Addiction recovery is not instant. With the help of our relapse prevention classes, you’ll be able to craft a successful sobriety plan. We help individuals learn how to identify their triggers, make positive adjustments, and acquire effective strategies to use in the long-term battle against addiction.  The cost is $100.00.

Expungement Services

A criminal record can keep you from obtaining employment and housing. Our Utah treatment center offers record Expungement services – or in other words, we offer the service of putting your past behind you and looking forward to a brighter future. Allow our center to handle this overwhelming process for $50.00 an hour.

What our Clients are Saying!

Testimonial 25

“Debbie was a great class leader. I learned a lot from this class and will definitely take the information I learned today into the future.”


Testimonial 23

“I loved how personal Debbie was with us and how she pulled from her own life to shed light on all our issues.”


Testimonial 1

“Debbie is REAL. I think the class should be called Real Talk. Kids (teenagers) should be required to take this class in.”


Testimonial 24

“The class was very welcoming. It taught me how to be sensitive in my life and how what I had done had impacted others. Debbie is very open and is a great instructor.”


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